5 Reason Why Skateboarding Is Good Exercise

There is no denying that skating is part of an active lifestyle. Over time, we have been seeing all the incredible benefits that skateboarding lends to our well being. We can now read handfuls of research papers about the way that skateboarding has left a positive impact on people’s lives. We’ve prepared a list of those reasons just to name a few that we found are worth mentioning.

1. Skateboarding Can Be Good For Your Cardio

  • A key component of any exercise regimen.
  • Cardiovascular exercise constitutes anything that increases your heart rate.
  • Skateboarding for more than thirty seconds will increase your heart rate enough to kick your cardio exercise into high gear.
  • Skateboarding for an hour can burn 250-400 calories.

2. Skateboarding Inspires Creativity

  • The way people just pick up a skateboard and start riding is called freestyle skateboarding. Riders make the best out of their environment, whether they are on the street or near nature.
  • Creating your own pace for learning is a huge draw for skaters. There is no pressure and you can try whatever you desire.
  • Many skaters inspire others by creating their own unique tricks. So many tricks that you see today were invented by creative skaters.

3. Skateboarding Works Out Many Muscles

  • Aside from giving you a healthy dose of cardiovascular exercise, you will also start to see the benefits reflected in some key muscle groups.
  • Because of the constant balance act, you almost almost have your core engaged. Keeping all of these stabilizer muscles in shape helps tone your body all around.
  • There is a large focus on lower body muscles. After a handful of skate sessions, you will start to see results in your hamstrings, quads, calves, and even on your buttocks.

4. You Are Never Too Old To Skateboard

  • If you asked yourself “Am I too old to skateboard?”, you may be concerned about getting hurt.
  • There is a common misconception about skateboarding that it is just a matter of time until you break your arm or your leg. This is simply not true.
  • Many people who receive skateboarding injuries are people who push their boundaries. Although there is some joy from trying some tricks that are difficult, it may not be worth it if you feel that you will be risking injury.
  • Any activity that requires a lot of movement has a risk for injury. It is up to the individual to make wise decisions.

5. Skateboarding Benefits Mental Health

  • Many skate parks welcome new players with open arms. This forms a sense of community that gives people friendships that last a lifetime, or even a family to fall back to.
  • Consistent exercise naturally releases endorphins that will automatically put you in a better mood. This is usually nicknamed “runner’s high”.
Skateboarding benefits mental health and cures depression.
Canadian Melani Hatter speaks to reporters about how skateboarding helped her with depression.

What Can You Do To Get Started?

Grab a board and hit the streets! No, really. The best way to get started on any exercise regimen is to get up and get moving.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” -Jim Ryun