Welcome to Land Paddle Pro! My name is Peter and I’ll be your guide.

Riding a longboard with dogs in tow!

Ever since I bought myself a LandYachtz longboard 5 years ago, I have been constantly looking for excuses to ride it. I believe that it is made with such great quality that it puts other longboards to shame. I could have swapped it out for the newer models as the years go on. I found that I could be pretty handy, so I just replaced the parts that were starting to show some wear.

After enough tinkering, I started to think of myself as a bit of a pro in terms of maintenance and efficiency. I’m not a crazy downhill racer(though, I have done my share of hill bombing) and my greatest joy lies in finding a nice, long, smooth hill to coast down. Living in Toronto, this can be found in many places.

Why Do Reviews For Land Paddles?

I started this blog when I came across a community of longboarders that use stand up paddle board paddles to propel themselves forwards…on land. The largest benefit of using a land paddle is that you can go extra long distances on your longboard. This means that I could keep up with my friends who prefer to ride bikes.

I started to take a look into land paddles and I realised something kinda sad. There is hardly any talk about land paddles on the internet. There are very little reviews, and hardly any blogs to give me what I needed to know. This left me in a position where I had to scrounge the internet for little bits and pieces to form any kind of understanding. Once I had everything that I needed, I thought I’d start my own blog and be the person that future land paddlers need.

I put together a handful of reviews to get people started on land paddling. I plan to continue sharing my information as time goes on. I hope you find my reviews informational.