Kahuna Creations Big Stick Adjustable

The second land paddle to come out of Kahuna Creations’ drawing board. With the adjustable shaft, they successfully found a way to reach more riders by letting people set their own length to the paddle. With this in mind, people of any age are able to get started with their journey to paddle board on land.

Kahuna Creations Adjustable Big Stick
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  • A drastic change from their first ever bamboo land paddle, the shaft on this one is built from aluminum.
  • Nothing will ever be as sturdy as a bamboo shaft, but this paddle doesn’t seem to have any trouble with meeting all the requirements for performing exceptionally.
  • Their decision to switch to a shaft that can be adjusted is a smart move since they don’t have to make each paddle to size every rider.
  • One size fits all has been become widely accepted for land paddles today. In addition, you can collapse the paddle to its’ lowest adjustable length for easy storage.
  • Not to mention, it is lightweight.


  • Another drastic change from their first design. Although they kept the T handle shape, the material is now made out of a soft grip material.
  • A comfortable grip on the handle is necessary for longer sessions. When heading out for a session that could potentially go on for miles, you will want to be sure that your hands will be feeling good by the end of it.

Ground Grip

  • The exclusive blade design is one of the key reasons that people buy from Kahuna Creations. With the blade grip, many riders feel that they can reach really far and do some super wide carves.
  • A point that is often overlooked, this model’s ground grip comes with the original blade design.
  • Nowadays, you could probably call this the Blade I since they have created a newer version of the blade design, aptly named Blade II.
  • The difference between the Blade I and Blade II is the tread in the grip that makes contact with the pavement.
  • The newer design has up to 50% more grip with the pavement.

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  • Comes in two colors
  • Light aluminum shaft
  • Adjustable
  • Soft grip T handle
  • Exclusive blade design ground grip


  • Ground grip is an older design

Bottom Line

You can’t go wrong with any land paddle from Kahuna Creations. This model is their best seller and it speaks for itself. It is sturdy and easily compacts, making it easy to take it anywhere. All things considered, a great choice for any skater, expert or beginner.

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