Kahuna Creations Bamboo Big Stick Land Paddle Reviewed

The original land paddle that Kahuna Creations came out with. If you heard anything about land paddles, it was probably “Big Stick”. This is the very first land paddle created by Kahuna Creations. With this in mind, it is one of the first ever land paddles that was created with high performance in mind.

Kahuna Creations Bamboo Big Stick
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  • Crafted with solid bamboo, this shaft is highly sought after
  • It has a really great absorption rate.
  • With most one piece land paddles, you will find one common theme in all of their designs. The shaft is tapered around the handle, which is there to help convert energy towards the front of the paddle.
  • An equally important note to make is that you will have to note your height because the paddle size is based on height . Frequently we find that this gives the paddle a little extra personal feeling to it.


  • In addition, the handle is the classic rowing paddle designed T-handle that is optimised for having a fantastic grip, and a fluid follow through on each stroke.
  • The materials throughout the entire paddle is lightweight. The entire paddle weighs only approximately 1 lbs. With this in mind, you will notice how your hands feel after enough riding.

Ground Grip

  • Kahuna Creations exclusively holds the patent for the blade design rubber grip. They used to sell these with their prototype design. However, you will find that they use the far more efficient design(the blade II) in all newer paddles.
  • Another key point is that here is a lot of questions asking about the durability of the rubber grip that makes constant contact with the pavement. They are aware that it is impossible to avoid wear and tear.
  • In the event that your grip wears down, you can easily remove it and replace it with a new one. They claim that it will last for years if, provided that you will treat it well. Be that as it may, we found that people tend to wear out their rubber grips faster because they use it as a way to slow down and even brake.

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  • T handle for comfortable grip
  • Solid bamboo material that is really strong
  • Patented Blade II design rubber ground grip
  • Quick and simple way to replace the Blade II rubber grip


  • Rubber grip wears out if you use it to brake
  • Does not have adjustable sizes, like other paddles

Bottom Line

First, the strong bamboo material will give you a sturdy row every time you push off and the handle is super comfortable. Secondly, the blade II ground grip gives a high return of speed for the effort put into each row. At the present time, this is one of the best land paddles available today.


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