Hamboards Land Paddle Brand Reviewed

Hamboards’ sparked the invention of the land paddle. When the surf was flat in Huntington Beach, California, a local family sought after ways to pass the time until they can get back onto the waves.  They set a goal to design a new of skateboarding, one that could capture the feeling of being on the waves.

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Hamboards Street Sweeper Adjustable
hamboards street sweeper professional land paddle

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Creating high quality products and growing steadily every day, they pride themselves on selling some of the best surfskate equipment. Hamboards has been in business for only 5 years. As a side note, the family has been creating surfing and skateboarding gear for at least 10 years.

The Turning Point For This Land Paddle Company

They didn’t really have ideas for expanding towards becoming a business that will sell skateboards to the entire USA. After they started to gain some popularity, they thought needed to find funding for expansion. In this case, Pete Hamborg’s team had their product featured in the very popular TV show “Shark Tank”.

With the help of the “sharks”, they have been able to fund their goals. They are now able to accommodate the large scale of production to satisfy all of their online orders. These guys are on their way to becoming one of the top suppliers of quality skateboards and land paddles.

They have been able to start selling internationally, as well. Now everybody in the world has access to land paddles made by Hamboards.