Sk8pole Land Paddles Brand Reviewed

A new contender in surf skate/land SUP skateboards and land paddles. Keep your eyes peeled for Sk8pole land paddle and skate company. Operating out of Columbus, Ohio, these guys are getting people thinking with paddles.

Land PaddleReview
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Sk8pole Original
sk8pole and flexible rubber ground grip land paddle

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Sk8pole deals exclusively with building land paddles that are built with the mission to get a paddle into the hands of every longboarder. The way they are going to do this is by making a quality affordable land paddle.

Not A Junior Brand

Although we recommend that this land paddle is fantastic for beginners, the more experienced riders will be able to get a lot of use out of it. It may be the first and last land paddle you will ever need to buy. In many cases, people own more than one land paddle just because they enjoy a variety of different styles for different techniques that they want to try.

sk8pole land paddle is great for all riders

What To Look Out For

As the brand grows by popular demand, Sk8pole will eventually roll out more products that are related to paddle boarding on land. The most notable product, the ultra wide surfskate board that is in development. They aren’t the only company to test with these designs. The idea is that they want to have a board that is as wide as a paddle board, with the coasting capabilities of a longboard.

We would recommend to wait until all the kinks have been worked out with these types of boards. They are in the very early stages of design and you could probably find them if you shopped around. Until some more reviews come out, we advise to keep riding with the proven design longboards that many skate shops carry already.