The Highest Performing Land Paddle Stick – BraapStik

This is the only land paddle company that sticks to doing one thing and one thing only. These guys wanted to make the best land paddle for beginners and experts alike. This is definitely one the coolest design ideas that we got to review.

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BraapStik Land Paddle
photo of the braapstik land paddle flexing in action

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Who makes this land paddle?

This land paddle is produced by a company named ZenXTen Inc.. These guys have a reputation for creating high performance equipment for sports that are all about speed and riding. It makes sense that they found a way to improve on the longboarding scene.

The rise in popularity in this trend of improving existing sports has given people a reason to keep their eyes peeled for anything else that ZenXTen may come up with. They have proven that they have some great ideas.

Health and Exercise Claims

A huge part of the success of the BraapStik is due to the health benefits. If you have been looking for information about this land paddle, you will find a lot of pages that talk about how much you stand to gain by riding with a land paddle by your side..

To elaborate, there are a lot of people who say that they get an incredible ab workout when they use this land paddle. Like any sport that requires an ore or paddle; Think: kayak, stand up paddle board; there is a lot of upper body work that is involved. An important note on paddle sports and working out, they usually require a lot of lower body strength.

Taking into account that you are standing up, the emphasis is placed more on upper body strength. This is where the amazing core workout comes into play. When you do a proper row, you get a really great range of motion that exercises your shoulders, abs, back, and arms. In many cases, people say that they don’t feel the work out because of how much fun they are having.

First Generation Skaters

Not to mention that this is a great land paddle for older riders. Skateboarding isn’t new, and many people who love skateboarding cherish the memories of spending entire days skateboarding in the summer. We can’t change the fact that we all grow up eventually and have responsibilities that take priority in our lives. A lot of skaters who are older now just can’t risk a sprained ankle. A sturdy, high quality land paddle adds safety to any session.

They did a fantastic job of branding the product to the public. For starters,  a TV spot on a show about getting their project funded so that they could pay for the cost of mass producing these land paddles. They also got a lot attention by creating a Kickstarter campaign to let people get their hands on one as soon as their awesome land paddle was ready for the public distribution.

braapstik land paddle clipped to longboard