Braap Stik Land Paddle Review

The BraapStik land paddle is possibly the most engineered land paddle that you could get your hands on. This land paddle’s most prominent feature is the spring loaded fibre glass extension that actually helps boost speed from each stroke. In other words, this is something that no other paddle can offer.

The creators of this paddle have taken the core elements of building a paddle, and pushed them all to their limits. Additionally, This is also one of the best land paddles for exercise. All things considered, everything about this paddle has been tried and tested to improve the rider’s experience.

BraapStik Land Paddle
The BraapStik land paddle as a whole. Collapsed and extended.Click Here For Pricing, Images, and Reviews on 


  • This land paddle is like the two piece adjustable paddles, but with a very special, obvious feature. The flexible fibre glass spring that acts as an intermediary between the shaft and the ground grip.
  • The shaft is also collapsible, and can fit into a backpack.
  • This land paddle offers the highest performance ability of any paddle. The shaft is designed to extend, bend, and hold a lot of weight. For this reason, you can really push the limits of street SUP with this land paddle. They actually encourage you to use this paddle for slowing down and taking wide turns.
  • One thing that isn’t mentioned too often is that you can buy clips that attach to the bottom any board. With these clips, you can fold your paddle and attach it to the bottom of your board. This makes it incredibly convenient for travel, not to mention that you can use the land paddle as a handle and carry your board and paddle pretty much like a suitcase.


  • The creators of this land paddle chose to go with a round ergonomic handle, much like a ball. This style offers a great deal of grip, however it does not match the efficiency of a T handle grip.
  • This is a decision made with the intention of allowing riders to ride more creatively. In many social media outlets, you will find people using this land paddle to do more than just paddle. This makes for some really interesting ideas and we can’t wait to see what else people are coming up with.

Ground Grip

  • The grip is their own custom design. They wanted to make sure people can do everything with this paddle. In contrast, most land paddles come with a warning that you shouldn’t be using it as a method to brake.
  • With this rubber grip, they encourage you to do it all. Of course, it will eventually wear down and there is no way around that fact.
  • They offer cheap replacement grips that are easy to replace.

Link to find more information on this land paddle on amazon.


  • Comes in many different colors
  • Spring joint boosts speed
  • Board clips for easy transport
  • Can fit in your backpack
  • Incredible exercise


  • Designed for more experienced riders

Bottom Line

This is going to be the land paddle that will take riders the furthest amount of distance, with the least amount of fatigue. At the same time, it has some of the highest grade of materials used in today’s land paddles. This is indeed a great choice for the surfskaters who mean business.

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