Where To Buy A Gorilla Stick Land Paddle

These days, more and more SUP and skateboard companies are creating their own versions of a land paddle stick. Each company boasts that theirs is the best land paddle. At the end of the day, it all comes down to preference.

If you’ve started shopping around, you might have come across the Gorilla Stick land paddle. You may have also found that there is almost no information about it. Most information is taken only from videos on Youtube.

Taking a Closer Look At The Gorilla Stick Land Paddle

In this video uploaded by Stride Stand Up Paddleboards, rider Dave Rothgeb showcases the elusive Gorilla Stick land paddle. They don’t do much to explain what they’re showing, so we will take you through it.


As you watch the video, you can quickly distinguish a few key components of the gorilla stick. It appears to be made out of either aluminum or carbon fibre. Both of these materials are very common for most land paddles. They are used because they perform very well.

Where to buy a gorilla stick land paddle

One of the biggest things that we noticed right off the bat is that this land paddle is not adjustable. That’ts right, you will need to buy one that is custom sized according to your height.

The hand grip looks to be a very commonly used T-handle. Considering the fact that Stride is mostly involved in the SUP market, it makes sense that they would use the same type of handle that is used in SUP paddles. This design is widely accepted for giving riders a comfortable grip.

The ground grip appears to be made out of a solid rubber, most likely vulcanised rubber that is often used for gripping pavement. In similar videos uploaded by Stride, they have riders using this ground grip as the handle for riders who take the paddle to go snowboarding.

Where To Buy A Gorilla Stick Land Paddle

At this very moment, you may find it very difficult to buy one for yourself. The company that makes these land paddles, Stride SUP, is laser focused on producing equipment that is made for the water.

Your best bet for getting one of their land paddles is to contact them directly by phone or on the Stride SUP website. They are a company that is based in North Carolina, and they appears to operate better under appointment.

If there is any better way to buying one of their land paddles, this guide will be updated.

Other Land Paddle Options That Are Readily Available

Unless you found a Gorilla Stick by chance, finding another land paddle might be your best bet for now. Luckily, there are a few fantastic options that offer the same performance. The closest match would have to be Hamboards Street Sweeper. It offers the same style of handle and ground grip.

Another option is to try your handy work and build one yourself. This option is great if you have the patience and you want to get your hands on a custom land paddle as soon as possible. You can effectively create your own for as little as $20, or shell out a few bucks on some high grade materials. This latter could run you past $100.