Kahuna Creations Big Stick V2 Land Paddle Reviewed


The redesign of their original idea, hence the name V2(or, version 2). The new version refers to the exclusive blade design. The new design grips pavement 50% better than the original design. The reviews are in, and the reality is that they are were not bluffing.

Kahuna Creations Adjustable Big Stick V2
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  • The shaft is made out of a firm, strong aluminum to ensure that you will have a steady push with every row of the paddle.
  • It can handle an incredible amount of weight distribution.
  • Did we mention the shaft is adjustable? When collapsed, it is less than 4 feet long. This makes it easy to take it traveling.
  • The design is identical to the earlier model. The only difference between the two models is the artwork. They call this the Haka logo.


  • The special soft grip on the handle is made to keep you comfortable for long distances.
  • It is also made out of a very durable material and designed around the way paddle board handles are made.
  • The T handle shape helps to keep a firm and pleasant grip.

Ground Grip

  • Gripping the pavement with the redesigned blade, named the Kahuna Blade II, has proven that these guys are serious about providing the best product to riders who want to get the most out of their sessions.
  • With the blade design, you can touch down earlier, and push off later.
  • After a few push offs with this stick, you will want to cruise all day.
  • For example, you would have your landpaddle in front of you before you touch down on the pavement. Once you have made contact, you begin to put your weight into it. Once you go past your landpaddle, all your weight turns into a push that gives you speed. The initial contact and final push becomes far more efficient.
  • This is the main difference between the “version 1”. The extensive treads along the bottom of the rubber grip increase the efficiency of every row.

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  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable Shaft
  • Newest design in ground grip(Blade II)
  • Comfortable soft grip T handle


  • Rubber grip has had some rare cases of coming apart

Bottom Line

Many people who have this land paddle have been very happy with the design, as they have been able to ride for miles without finding any discomfort. In many cases, people have bought a second one in a different colour, or for somebody else as a gift. It’s also the newest of kahuna SUP for sale.

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