6 Nicknames for Skateboard Land Paddles

Youtuber shows off some land paddling skills.When you’re looking for information about land paddles, you may find that there are many different ways that you can say land paddle. If you are shopping around, and you want to check out all of your options, this may become frustrating very quickly. Luckily for you, we have collected a handful of the most common used nicknames for land paddling.

1. Land Paddling: The Real Slim Shady Most Common Term

  • This is our most used nickname. We use this name because the instrument you use to go land paddling with is called a land paddle.
  • All major land paddle manufacturers use this name in their product listings because it is the name that most people are familiar with.

2. Land SUP

  • In case you have yet to figure out what SUP means, we’ll tell you right now. It stands for stand up paddleboarding. This is a whole sport on it own that is essentially about surfing without waves(or with waves, if you’ve got skills).
  • Take out all the water, stick some wheels to your board, and head to land. Okay, it’s not that simple, but the idea is right.

A paddleboarder heading to land to stick some wheels onto his SUP to create a SUP Skateboard.

3. Land Paddleboard: Taking Your Paddle Board on Land

  • Just thinking about paddle boarding sends people into a calmer state of mind. You can find a similar peacefulness once you take it to the pavement.
  • There aren’t as many factors to get in your way. To go out into the water, you’ll need some pretty nice conditions to have a good time.

4. Surf Skate: The Hybrid Surfboard Skateboard

  • Although the word surf refers the quality of the waves, the name has lent itself to the land paddling world. Not to mention, it rolls off the tongue really nicely.
  • Taking the more thrilling side of water sports, surfing has found a wonderful relationship with skateboarding. It has caught the attention of surfers who want to get some action when the surf is low.
  • If the conditions for skateboarding will be phenomenal, we may find ourselves talking about how good the skateboard surf is. It may be a few years until it catches on, but don’t be surprised when you hear that the skate surf made for a great session.

Explaining how surfing inspired Street SUP

5. Longboard Surfboard

  • When somebody is having trouble naming something that they’re seeing for the first time, they try to describe it as simply as possible to the person they’re speaking to. For this reason, this name for land paddling is actually quite common.
  • Many longboards that are specially designed for having the same feel of a surfboard or paddleboard will often carry the same shape.

6. SUP Skateboard: The Birth of Street SUP

  • The stand up paddle board skateboard isn’t necessarily defined. You can street SUP on any type of skateboard. Adding SUP to the name is due to the fact that people are standing up and using a paddle.
  • The skateboard that you ride can be all about preference, and this is one of the coolest facts about street SUP. You can use a wide board or an extra long board. It’s totally your call.

That’s Not All Folks

This may seem like a lot of ways to same the same thing. The fact of the matter is, this is only a few of the most common terms that are used. People are coming up with new slang for ways to say land paddling. If you’ve heard one(or more) different ways to talk about land paddling, let us know in the comments section.