Sk8pole Original – The Best Land Paddle For Beginners

The Sk8pole Original land paddle is starting to gain some traction in the eyes of people who are looking to paddle board on land. They offer a quality land paddle with some interesting design ideas. Furthermore, they offer it at an affordable price that most people can get behind.

Sk8pole Land Paddle & Rubber Flexible Ground Grip
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  • The adjustable aluminum shaft of this land paddle makes it easy for storage, and supports most rider heights.
  • It can be shrunk down to as little as 33 inches.
  • Because of the lightweight material, it only weighs 2 lbs.
  • Many people who use this land paddle have reported that it is very sturdy and and can support at least 240 lbs of weight.
  • The shaft comes in both black and silver. Although, the silver color is not usually available and can cost twice as much as the black model.


  • The shape of the handle that Sk8pole chose to go with is the ball grip handle.
  • Although the preferred handle shape for rowing is a T handle, it doesn’t mean that the ball doesn’t hold up. We couldn’t find any problems with using a ball handle, and we couldn’t even find anybody else complain about it.
  • This is a solid grip handle that will keep your pushing off comfortably, which can be satisfying to most.

Ground Grip

  • The ground grip on this land paddle is one of a kind.
  • There aren’t any other paddles that offer a flexible pusher tip.
  • The idea behind this grip is that you can touch down at any point you feel comfortable.
  • This is an excellent feature for those who are just learning proper technique. In contrast, you won’t feel like you’re missing out if you are an experienced earthsurfer.
  • In reality, all the best land paddle pusher tips will see some wear and tear after enough use.
  • The way you can replace these grips is one of the easiest. They simple screw on to the end of the shaft.
  • It is noteworthy to mention that there have been some rare cases where the flexible part of the grip have caused the grip to come apart.


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  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Best priced land paddle
  • Great land paddle for beginners


  • Rubber grip has had some rare cases of coming apart

Bottom Line

First off, the price is one of the highest selling points. It costs about half as much as the next brand land paddles. Secondly, the flexible pusher grip is great for getting started if you’ve never done too much rowing. This is also a good way to help people learn how to skateboard by having a way to keep themselves balanced while they learn to stand on it.


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