Hamboards Street Sweeper Review

Hamboards is on the fast track to taking over the land paddle scene with this SUP skate paddle. This isn’t their first try at making a land paddle, and they have worked out a lot designs to come out with this product.

Hamboards Street Sweeper SUP Skate Paddle
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  • If you are familiar with any land paddles created by Hamboards, the first thing you notice is that this paddle is NOT made of wood. As a matter of fact, they decided to use a material that offers more flexibility. This is a game changer for riders who love to lean into those extra wide carves.
  • The shaft is made out of a combination of carbon fibre and fibre glass. This allows for the entire shaft to have significant bend and weight distribution.
  • If you ever wanted an easy way to slide on a longboard, you may have just found it. Leaning way out with this sturdy paddle planted will give incredible control.


  • The handle is designed around the use of a paddle board paddle. It shares the same shape as any SUP paddle.
  • It is coated with a comfortable EVA foam grip. They wanted to give riders the most pleasant grip so they can travel for miles without any discomfort.
  • A quick note that could easily fit under the shaft category, this land paddle is super light. The weight of the paddle matters for the long term comfort of your hands, so we consider paddle weight to be a part of the handle.
  • Many riders talk about being able to ride more than 10 miles in one session because this is just a great land paddle.

Ground Grip

  • Like most land paddle brands, this is a custom, exclusive design for rubber ground grips. For Hamboards, they went with their “bobber” design.
  • This grip has a little bit of flex at the neck, which effectively removes the stiff feeling of the initial moment of impact with the pavement.
  • This effectively gives you a feeling of rolling on the ground.
  • In addition, the bobber design makes it so that it doesn’t matter what position you are in when you touch down on the pavement.
  • Like all rubber ground grips, this one will also find some wear.
  • The amount of time that it lasts will depend on how well you treat it. Luckily, replacements are easy to install.


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  • Strong and flexible fibre glass and carbon fibre shaft
  • Really comfortable foam grip handle
  • Adjustable
  • One of the lightest land paddles
  • Custom ground grip that is forgiving to beginners


  • The unavoidable wear and tear of the ground grip

Bottom Line

One of our favourite land paddles to review. This SUP skate paddle works for riders of any experience level, and is most appreciated by skaters who spend a lot of time on their longboards.

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